ProStar & ProStar Lite

-New, improved longer distance beam

-2-in-1 searchlight and floodlight

-10,000 lumen light output

-1,200 metre beam

-Maximum runtime 25 hours

-Adjustable 90° tilting head


  • Description


The NightSearcher ProStar Lite Ultra-Powered Search and Floodlight offers a more portable alternative to its heavier big brother, the original ProStar, proffering the same performance standards but with a smaller 7.8Ah battery, compared to the 10.2Ah ProStar, and shorter run times.

Both models are able to stand on their ends for extra height and a shoulder strap that allows the user to remain hands free to carry out emergency tasks.

With an IP65 rating, this torch provides total protection from dust and low pressure jets of water and is operable in the rain. Other features include a wall mountable charging base and folding solar panel charger.

The Lite version weighs in at 1.5kg while the original ProStar is 1.8kg.