It doesn’t matter if you want a single door to hone your skills on or a two-storey, multi-door construction complete with a roof, gates and corridors we can build it to your spec. The only limit to what we can build is your imagination! Please contact us and we can take you through every step of a rig build from the initial enquiry to the final installation.

Use our years of experience in operational training and manufacturing to your advantage and let the experts design, build and install a practice rig to exactly your own specification. 1, 2 or 3 lanes with any number of inward and outward opening doors and gates are available, in both static or mobile forms.

Window and uPVC door practice frames can also be supplied, along with shotgun rigs that provide unlimited entry practice in complete safety. Each rig is a quality product that will withstand years of punishment with minimal maintenance. Join the growing number of forces using Sigma rigs and keep your H&S training costs down to minimum.

If you would like to talk to us about a training rig, then please click here to contact us…