We are completely flexible when it comes to training, and we can arrange anything from a course on a single tool to a multi-day session covering every aspect of MoE. What is also guaranteed is that each student will come away with improved knowledge and a fresh range of skills.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got your own training facilities as we can run courses at our own site in south-east London or we can visit you at your convenience with our mobile rig. We at Sigma have got all the bases covered to make your training as smooth and effective as possible.

Each course is drawn together from your requirements. It is possible to combine basic, intermediate, advanced and firearms courses all in one visit as we have both fixed and mobile door, gate, window and shotgun rigs for hands-on instruction and practice. Courses can be run at our training facility in SE London or, subject to numbers, at your own location.

The tools covered are the Enforcer range, Hooligan Tools, Sledgehammer and Axe, Pry Bar and Hinge Puller, Crowsfoot, Rabbit, Hydraulic Ram, Door Breaker, Blower and Thermic Cutting Kits. Our courses include MOE tools and techniques; stills and video presentation; Health and Safety issues; hands-on instruction and practice; written and verbal exams and debrief.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate of competance of tools used.

If you would like to book a training course, then please click here to contact us…