Photography and Night Vision

When the human eye can no longer provide us witha sufficient visual there is always help at hand with Sigma’s Photography and Night vision range.

We can provide the most modern, cutting edge technology available whilst remaining practical and affordable.

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    Night Vision Pulsar Digiforce 860RT

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    Night Vision Pulsar Digiforce 860RT

    – Built-in LED IR Illuminator
    – Large high resolution display
    – Sensitive CMOS array
    – Long Viewing Range
    – Distortion-free Eyepiece Enhancing Image Sharpness/Contrast
    – High Aperture Lens (F/d=1.0)
    – High Resolution
    – Compact & Lightweight
    – Video Output (NTSC)
    – Resistant to Bright Light Exposure (suitable for daytime set-up)
    – Contrast Gain Function
    – Range Finding Graticule
    – Can Be Powered By External Power Supply

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