Kanga Star Worklights

  • Cross-manufacturer power tool battery adaptor
  • Accepts batteries from 7 leading power tool brands
  • Free-standing, portable design with various mounting options
  • Robust aluminium construction with tempered glass lens

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  • Description



The NEW Kanga Star is a collection of three high-powered work lights that are designed to conveniently operate from power tool batteries.

Featuring an ingenious, three-in-1 power supply system , Kanga Star accepts 14V and 18V batteries from some of the leading power tool brands, as well as receiving its own stock battery and an AC mains power adaptor.

The Kanga Star range is designed for use within some of the harshest work sites – being constructed from high-grade aluminium with rubberised edging and a tempered glass lens. As a robust lighting option, each model carries an IP65 dust and water ingress rating and is fully back by NightSearcher’s 3-year, extendable warranty.


The Kanga Star has 3 power supply options – a cross-manufacturer power tool battery adaptor, giving access to 7 of the most popular brands. A stock, rechargeable battery and an AC mains adaptor. (5K and 10K models only).

Kanga Star is available in 3 configurations – Kanga Star 2.2K the 2,200 lumens entry-level model, Kanga Star 5K the mid-range 5,000 lumens model, and Kanga Star 10K the ultra-bright 10,000 lumens model. Each model is free-standing with its large footprint base. The Kanga Star 2.2K model also has strong magnets built into the base. The Kanga Star 5K and Kanga Star 10K models can be mounted on to a tripod (optional extra), and all 3 units feature built-in hanging hooks in the base.