Jimmy Bar

– Lightweight and easy to carry
– 26.5cm (10.5 inches) long
– Heat treated hardened steel
– Pry interior doors
– Force windows and frames
– Create gaps for a Hooligan bar or spreader tool

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Everybody on your force or team should carry a ‘Jimmy’. Made from heat treated hardened steel with high-density foam under a wrapped cord grip for comfort. Jimmy has a striking surface at the back end and a lanyard attaching loop.

This easily carried, multi-purpose pry bar tool is perfect when it comes to assisting with the forced entry of buildings, rooms and locked furnishings.

Jimmy’s other uses include forcing interior doors, windows, bus windows, breaking glass and punching holes through interior walls. You can also get under the flange of a door to help make positioning a Hooligan tool easier.

The Jimmy is only 26.5cm (10.5”) long and easily slides into a long pocket or tool bag for easy carrying.