Door Breacher Spreader

– The ultimate battery-powered hydraulic breaching tool
– Virtually silent operation
– Wireless remote control option
– Backpack carrying system option
– Sharks tooth end claw option

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The updated Door Breacher is the ultimate in battery-powered hydraulic method of entry breaching tools and runs virtually in silence. Other than its pure power a real highlight of the Door Breacher is its wireless remote control option that allows the equipment to be operated at a guaranteed distance of 10 metres away. We have also developed the Sharks Tooth end claw option which is improving the tools capability on a wider variety of doors. The mounting block has been updated for ease of swapping the standard claw for the Sharks Tooth quickly and we now have a backpack option to make the carrying and use of the Breacher far more simple and manageable. It is also extremely simple to operate, totally reliable with the added LED indicator to show what level of charge the batteries are holding and will open doors that other tools can only dream about. Call our offices now for a full spec or if you’d like to try out a demo unit.


Dimensions – Hydraulics Case – 47 x 18 x 38cm
(LxWxH) Ram Assembly (closed) – 73 x 16 x 50cm
Ram Assembly (extended) – 99 x 16 x 63cm
Weight – 26kg
Power – 2x 12V batteries

Additional Options

Backpack carrying system
Wireless remote control with heavy duty control
Sharks Tooth claw


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