Telescopic Search Ladders 3.0m Classico

– Friction profiles on steps to minimise risk of slipping
– Simple to transport – Fits in all cars
– Minimum turning radius in small spaces
– Simple and safe unlocking
– Always the right height
– Compact and portable – Light and strong
– Highly recyclable
– Made of high quality anodised aluminium with glass fibre reinforced plastic fittings
– The Original in telescopic ladders
– SP & EN 131 certified

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The 3.0m telescopic ladder is easy to pull out to the desired length and securing it before use is just as quick in a rapid entry situation. When the red locking catches have unfolded under each rung, this indicates that the ladder is ready for use and can handle loads of up to 150 kg making it perfect for rapid tactical entry.


With the telescopic function and the minimal turning radius, the ladders are perfect even in small spaces and can be adjusted to the optimal height to fit your needs precisely. These can be part or fully extended according to your needs so take on the role of many fixed height ladders in one convenient package.


Safe, functional and easy to take with you –. The ladder is small and compact for storage and transportation. The ladders are assembled by hand and test them individually before delivery. For piece of mind they are also certified according to EN 131/SP/TÜV.

Here we set the standard for what you should expect from a telescopic ladder – big and small, qualitative and safe with a user friendly touch. This is a product with the result of Swedish design thinking – Simple & User friendly with no compromise in Quality or Safety!

No. of treads 9
Tread width 65 mm
Working height 3,8 m
Length, extended 3,0 m
Length, closed 0,75 m
Width 0,5 m
Weight 9,9 kg