Stinger Spike System

– Compact and lightweight
– Fast deployment
– Proven design and 2 year guarantee

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Stinger is a compact, lightweight, non-reflective, highly effective tactical tyre deflating device. Its hollow spikes are released into the vehicle’s tyres resulting in a slow controlled deflation. The bi-directional rocking arm is effective when run over from either direction at all speeds. During the first revolution of the tyre the hollow spikes enter and detach from the retaining cups. During the second revolution the spikes are driven into the tyre to their full depth (40mm / 1.5”). The system is durable, withstanding speeds up to 115mph (185kph) and is manufactured from a tough elastomeric nylon polymer in non-rust stainless steel.


The Stinger is available in three sizes:
3 metre (10ft) – 3.6kg (8lbs)
4.7 metre (15.5ft)
7.62 metre (25ft)