Sigma Mini V-Bar

– A more compact version of the V-Bar
– Includes a glass-breaking component
– Five length settings


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The perfect compliment to it’s bigger sibling, the V-Bar, this handy little piece of tactical kit can serve as a mini levering tool to get that initial space behind the door for the full-size V-Bar.

It has six different length settings which can be simply and easily changed via the handle control, and there is even a detachable glass breaker attachment for when smashing a pane becomes part of your entry process.



Colour – Silver / red

Minimum length – 26cm

Extendable lengths – 27cm / 30cm / 33cm / 35.5cm / 38.5cm

Width – 3.5cm or 11cm with the glass attachment in place

Weight – 1.25kg (2.7lbs)