36 Volt 7″ Cordless Cutter

– Lightweight
– Quality components
– ‘Press and go’ usage
– More control
– 7-inch blade penatrates normal thickness doors

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Complimenting Sigma’s range of method of entry cutting equipment, the new compact electric 36V Mini Breacher literally opens up new possibilities within cutting method of entry.

Using quality components from market leading DeWalt, Sigma is now able to offer Broco’s 36V cordless cut-off tool set.

The advantages to be gained with the 36V Mini Breacher are impressive, lightweight, easy to control, instant power, extrememly portable and operator friendly.

When used in conjunction with Broco’s 7” Diamond Ripper Blade, the Mini Breacher can cut through concrete, artificial and natural stone, brick, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, glass, fibreglass, carbon and rubber. Basically nothing gets in its way.