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Equipment Repairs And Servicing

Product Code - NA

The last thing you need on an operation is for your kit to fail due to poor maintenance, so it is important to regularly inspect and service your fleet. We take as much care servicing and repairing your equipment as we did building it, and you can expect value for money, a professional service and high quality parts from the only people who know your equipment inside out.

It doesn’t matter if your kit is bent, broken, leaking or smashed to bits Sigma can repair it - we haven’t been beaten by anything yet!

Sigma won’t hold you to any rigid servicing schedules that will cost you a fortune either. We offer tailored advice as we are aware that every team is different and equipment varies from light to frequent use, so we want you to have control as to when you want us to care for your equipment. Give us a call and let us know your requirements.

Remember, no job is too big or too small for us, so if your Rabbit is tired or your Door Breaker is running out of steam then let us bring it back up to operational speed.

- Keep your equipment in operation
- We can repair virtually anything
- More cost effective than buying a new tool

Every piece of equipment Sigma manufactures and sells is designed to stand the rigours of everyday use, but every so often there will be the occasional repair needed. However, our repair programme can keep tools out of operation for the minimum amount of time and returned to you in as good as new condition. It doesn’t matter whether something is buckled or broken, leaking or lying dormant, our trained technicians can revive your tools using official spares and years of knowledge. Please call us to talk through your repair needs and we’ll get your tools back in action.
Free Demos divide TEL: 01233 503020 divide FAX: 01233 503221 divide EMAIL: sales@sigmaentry.com