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Protective Leather Mitts

Product Code - 1007

- Protection when using the Door Rams
- Hand and forearm protection
- Two layers of leather + Kevlar interlining


These mitts have been designed to offer the wearer the highest level of protection when using the Enforcer family of tools in MoE operations. The 46cm (18”) puncture-resistant, double palm leather mitts (two layers of leather with a Kevlar interlining) extend up to the elbow and provide excellent resistance against abrasion and puncture. We highly recommend the use of both mitts and forearm protectors together for maximum protection.

technical specs

Length - 46cm (18”)
Leather outer - chrome tanned split leather, 1.2 /1.4mm thick
Lining material on palm - chrome tanned split leather, 1.2/1.4mm thick

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Protective Leather Mitts
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