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Europrofile Locksnapper

Product Code - 1047

- Single man operation
- Simple and effective
- For doors with Europrofile / Chubb locks


An important development in the rapid opening of UPVC doors with minimal damage. It’s simple, fast and effective, and by following the five steps below entry is assured!

1. Select end of the tool for type of lock.
2. Slide tool over lock
3. With sharp, swift action snap the lock.
4. Insert ‘key’ tool into lock and engage cam mechanism.
5. Turn ‘key’ to unlock door with minimal damage.

technical Specs

Weight - 0.8kg (1lb)
Length - 30cm (12”)
Colour - Red / Silver
Packaging Dimensions - 32cm x 10cm x 7cm

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Europrofile Locksnapper
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