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CF3 Spreader

Product Code 5183

- For inward and outward opening doors, steel gates, window grilles,   garage doors, etc.
- Easy, efficient single man operation
- Brilliant value for money


This silent, multi-functional hydraulic tool offers unbelievable strength coupled with maximum reliability. By driving the tool’s hardened steel teeth between a gate and frame, window and grille or into a door shut, 4-tons of hydraulic power can then be exerted using the double speed hand pump. The tool’s claws move apart by up to 12cm and the unique 360-degree swivel coupling can prove invaluable. Its own stainless steel protective case, a prybar and a deadblow hammer is included.


Dimensions - Hydraulic pump - 43 x 15 x 13cm (LxWxH)
                          Claw Assembly (closed) - 13 x 11.5 x 23cm
                          Claw Assembly (extended) - 13 x 11.5 x 34.5cm
Weight - 10kg

Also known as

Rabbit, Spreader, Manual Spreader, Crowsfoot, hydraulic spreader, handpump spreader

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