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Universal Cutting Blades

Product Code - See Below

- The ultimate all-round cutting blade
- Cuts through stone, metals, plastic
- Diamond coated for strength and durability
- Excellent value for money


Nothing stands in your way when you’ve got a Sigma Universal Disc on your angle grinder! This disc has a steel core to ensure a clean yet smooth cut, while the vacuum brazed diamonds maintain the disc’s cutting ability throughout its working life.

Materials that the disc can cut through include concrete, artificial and natural stone, brick, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, glass, fibreglass, carbon and rubber. Basically nothing gets in the way of this disc!

Product codes

4.5” (115mm) UNIVERSAL BLADE 5451
5” (125mm) UNIVERSAL BLADE 5452
9” (230mm) UNIVERSAL BLADE 5453
12” (300mm) UNIVERSAL BLADE 5454
14” (350mm) UNIVERSAL BLADE 5455

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Universal Cutting Blades
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