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Broco Pc/Tac Thermic Cutting Kit

Product Code 1062

- Thermic cutting with safety
- Fast and easy set-up
- Lightweight and accurate


The PC/TAC torch kit operating at over 10,000 degrees F and is used to melt, burn through or vaporise objects and mechanisms in order to gain entry to secured areas. Created to meet the requirements of tactical cutting operations this lightweight kit provides the greatest cutting capability in a man-carried torch system when backpacked in the ops mode. The PC/TAC is not just rapid entry but rapid response. Set-up is fast and easy, and hand-tight fittings and quick connectors means no tools are required for assembly or disassembly. The compact, durable cutting torch is supplied with collets to fit 1/4” and 3/8” diameter cutting rods.


The PC/TAC comes complete with torch, high pressure oxygen cylinder, regulator, hoses, Molle backpack assembly, battery ignition accessories, leather shield, gloves, safety goggles and custom foamed storage case.

broco is Also Known As these names

Thermic lance, Thermic Cutting, Thermic Torch, Hot Cutting, Thermic Cable.

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